24 Mar 2016

Review On Baby Wipes...

I'm Ok so this post is a total honest review on different branded baby wipes (uk & Spain brands) I'm not to sure if any of these brands are sold in America sorry. I hope this helps some of you out! 

I have tried, what I feel like to be ALL the wipes out there that I feel are on the natural/organic side of wipes. I tried them all as we all want the best for our babies and I had never needed to use wipes before so had literally no idea what brand to chose or what ones have the best ingredients or what ones will be the softest on my babies skin! Argh..so many questions & no one to really answer them! I asked so many friends and family members & the shop workers so many questions like 'which brand sells the most' & 'what did you use on me mum' & in the end I thought the only way to really find what wipes will work best on my babies skin is to try them all. SO I slowly started collecting up different brands of wipes. I also done this with napped as well which I'll review about in another post! 

When your a new mum there are so many questions but no one can answer them other than yourself. I think when it comes to your babies, you as the mum, are the only one who can decide what you feel is working for them & what you feel is right. I'm just simply making this post to help out people like me who had no where to go to find out questions I wanted honest answers for :) 

 Side note - I also tried out the Pampers & Aldi own brand wipes as they get given to you free in your starter pack at the GP but due to the harsh chemicals in them I stopped using them. I also found that when he had a rash the pampers wipes were not helping it at all. I think if anything they irritated the rash. Pampers smell nice and you can get travel size packs which I feel is brilliant as Huggies & Waitrose own brand are the only other brands I see that sell travel packs which I can't live without in my changing bag! No one wants to carry around a massive pack of heavy water filled wipes. They weigh a ton! 

• Water Wipes - I LOVE these wipes. They are 99.9% water & 0.1% fruit extract which is the purest ingredients I could possibly find in every pack of wipes I ever came across!! They don't have any smell to them really which I like & they are extremely soft & very big in size compared to other branded wipes which means you get more use out of 1 wipe so you end up using less wipes per nappy change! They have never caused Jude any rash or skin irritant & I even use them myself on my face all the time! They are the MOST durable, thickest & biggest wipes out of all the brands i tested! 
You get 60 wipes per pack. They also do a travel size pack which has 10 wipes for 50p from Ocado which I now have too! They are expensive £2.50 in boots & £3.00 in Waitrose or £2.00 in Ocado which is where I order mine form and they have some great offers on them all the time like 4 packs for £10 in Ocado which is where I order mine from! I think they are worth every penny and these are the wipes I buy all the time now! I love them! They are very heavy though so I do wish they made a travel size pack but I decant mine into my Jojomaman Bebe wipe pouch and im sorted! 

• Naty Wipes - I really love these wipes as well! They are unscented & Eco friendly & from Sweden. When have the Swedish ever made something bad?! Never! They are the softest out of all the wipes I tried BUT they are not particularly thick but they are very durable & 1 wipes goes a long way! They are not full of water like the water wipes so therefore are not as heavy to carry around although they have made a travel size pack of wipes now which you can order on Ocado for £1.85 for 20 wipes. They are expensive wipes I think personally..
The Naty wipes are £2.75 for 56 wipes from Ocado & also they have Naty Eco Friendly nappy bags which I also love & there nappies too but that's a whole other post haha! 

• Waitrose Fangrance Free, Bottom Butter Enriched Wipes - CHEAP & CHEERFUL! They are such a good price for wipes & they are paediatrician approved which is brilliant & they are ever so soft on baby skin BUT they are not very durable! I love the Waitrose bottom butter for babies delicate bums when changing their nappies and the wipes have that bitterness enriched in them which is amazing I think! 
I do feel they are a little on the dry side & i personally had to use a LOT of wipes for one nappy change as I feel where they are dry they are not cleaning enough for me but i would most definitely re buy these coz I think they are great for messy hands and face & just as a pack to keep in your changing bag or a pack to keep in the car or even at your mums house! They smell nice considering they are frangrance free too! 64 wipes and They are £1.20 from Waitrose & you can also use Ocado! 

• Earth Friendly Aloe Vera Wipes - I really loved these wipes as well! They should be amazing with a mum and baby gold award on them!! 
 They are organic & smell lovely! I really loved using these wipes! I think they are the perfect dampness. They are not too wet & not too dry! There were really soft as well & I feel like the pack lasted me a lot longer than some of the other brands I used! 
I will definitely be buying these again! You can order them from Ocado or buy from Waitrose for £2.65 which Is pricy but you get 72 wipes in a pack! 

• Aleva Bamboo biodegradable baby wipes - they are enriched with natural and organic oils which I love! They are eco friendly too & can be used all over the body & face, not just the bottom! 64 wipes per pack And They are £2.99 from Ocado which is pretty pricy I know but they were that little bit more of a luxury wet wipe. You get 64 wipes in a pack which is not a lot I personally feel but They smell lovely & are extremely soft & gentle & I really loved using them! Nothing bad to say about these ones! 

• Beaming Baby Wipes - I really love the way these wipes have had a lot of thought behind them (same as their nappies) and I found them really kind on the skin & they smelt nice & wasn't too wet or too dry and came in a perfect size pack & really durable too! The only thing I will say about them is that I couldn't find them anywhere else except there website to buy them & they are pricy at £3.89 for 72 wipes! They have a mum and baby bronze award so I would expect them to be brilliant! I think it's a lot of money when you go through wipes soooo quick but if you have the money they are worth every penny!! The website is called www.beamingbaby.co.uk 

• bebè Wipes - I bought these in Spain (Marbella) when I was on holiday and ran out of wipes. They looked like they were good and said sensitive and no parabens which is important to me. You get 70 wipes which is great! I thought the wipes were great with the wetness and were durable but they smelt soooo perfumed I hated using them. Just knowing that they contained a lot of artificial fragrance made me not want yo has them. They were rather over powering actually. They were soft and gentle on his skin but I wouldn't use them again because of the perfume in them is not good for delicate skin. I think there were €3.00. 

So all in all I would buy the water wipes every time. I know they are wetter than any other wipe but I feel they do the best job and are the most delicate on Jude's skin. I love using them on my skin too! They have the simplest ingredients so you know exactly what your putting on your babies skin and you can get them in most stores or online! 

Hope this post has helped some mamas out there!!

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