16 Feb 2016

Neal's Yard Baby Review...

So I've been trying lots & lots of different baby products out so I thought i would start reviewing some of them to help you out if your thinking of buying any of them! 

The problem is there is soooo much on the market in every aspect of baby items it's so hard to see what one you think would be best for your precious little bundle of love! 
You don't want to use anything harsh and someone people only want to use natural products but even when products say 'natural' doesn't always mean they are. 

When I first found out I was having my baby Jude I researched everything I could about baby products and baby food (that's a whole other post it self) but i only wanted Jude to have the best on his skin & eat the best he can eat. 

I then became obsessed with 'natural' and 'organic' products which is so complicated when you really do your research! 

So I went out & looked online & bought a bunch of products I want to try on Jude. 
When he was first born I only used warm water and cotton wool as new born baby skin is super delicate & anything is harsh on their skin. I actually even bought organic cotton balls. Didn't even know cotton balls could be organic but turns out they can! 

Anyways, these are some of the prosucts I have tried already! There is many more which will be in another post! 

Neal's Yard Products!! 

Okay so if you haven't heard of them before they are an English, family run company who grow all the ingredients for their products! They are all natural and organic. They all smell amazing!! They have all different ranges from baby to mum to be, to men, women, health drinks, teas & aromatherapy!! 

Their packaging is all the same which I love! Someone people get drawn to buy something simply because it looks 'pretty'. This all looks the same which in your mind won't sway your choice of purchase. You will literally buy what you actually like & not what you want to buy because it looks good on Instagram (we're all suckers for it! I defiantly am!) 

I think this brand gets over looked a lot but it really shouldn't. It's, personally, my favourite company for pretty much most of my skin care, hair care, baby care & aromatherapy & now it's working it's way into my kitchen cupboards! Even my partner Josh is trying out the men's skin care range & that's saying something! They have such amazing smells to all of their products & they are all made with love & care which I absolutely love! Most brands just want to throw stuff at us to buy so they can make a profit but not Neal's Yard! They really want you to love their products & want you to want to re-buy & try more of the range & I can't see why you wouldn't want to!! 

I literally L.O.V.E this brand & their products!! They saved my life when it comes to nappy rashes & dry skin on little baby's faces & anywhere on their body really! 
• Baby Balm - AH-MAZING!! 
Recommend to us by my uncle, who now actually sells Neal's Yard products!
This stuff really does work! It's so hard to find a product that does what it says it does! This has been used in sooo many ways! It's been a nappy rash cream, dry skin cream, saw face cream (when their little cheeks get a little saw from the cold weather) it's healed any cut or scratch Juse has had in literally 24 hours you see a massive change & in 48 hours whatever was a problem has pretty much gone! I even used it on Jude's cradle cap. I would rub a little balm on his head and leave it to soften and then when he was in the bath comb the cradle cap off and it would just come out so easily and literally in 3 days it was gone! No more temptation to pick at his head! Haha! 
Me and my partner Josh both love this balm! We used it on our dry skin & I suffer from dermatitis in the winter & it heals my hands & makes them like baby bottom soft! We use it on cuts and scratches we get. My partner Josh is a carpenter & is always coming home with some kind of scratch or cut & this is a miracle worker! I even use it on my face when I get really dry skin & it's gone the next morning! My mum suffers terribly from eczema & I got her using it, she was really against it as she's so worried with what she puts on her skin & she can't believe the difference in her skin. Her hands alone are a million times better. They aren't so dry anymore and all the cracks are gone! This is a complete all purpose balm that can be used for anyone, not just babies & can be used for literally anything!! It's £11.00 which I think is amazing! We have 2 as were so close to the bottom of our first balm which has lasted all 3 of us 7 months! We had to go & get another tub! I hope they never change the ingredients or discontinue it! It smells so good as well! Kind of like olive oil! It's a little tub of magic!!  

• Baby Barrier Cream - again, 
AH-MAZING!! This really is such a good cream. It's helped so much with Jude's nappy rash. When he was new born he had a weeks course of antibiotics as they thought he had meningitis, which luckily he didn't, but it gave him terrible red saws around his whole nappy area & this cream worked wondered. Took around a week to 10 days to go away totally but i personally think that's amazing when I know some babies that get nappy rash and it lasts for weeks or months! But I used it alongside the balm and it all worked wonders! I use this sometimes as a hand moisturiser when I know I'm going to the stables (I have a horse) so I'm always on the hunt for a new hand moisturiser that actually works and this works!! Plus it smells nice as well! It's £15.25 which is a bargain for the amount you get. We've had our pot for 6 months and I've just had to buy a new one! Amazing!! 

• Baby Powder - you can't really say much about talc. It's just talc but that's the best thing about this product. It's just talc. No perfume. Nothing else inside but pure talc. You don't see that much at all on baby talc. Every tub I picked up had said it was 'natural' or 'made for delicate skin' and then said 'ingredients: talc, perfume'. Soooo..it's not talc then! Anyone with a baby that has dry skin or eczema will know that perfume will irritate their little baby soft skin & no mama wants that! This is £5!! Bargain!! 

• Baby Bath & Shampoo - smells amazing!! Smells like lavender which I personally love & is really good for sleep! I warm it up in my hands then rub it all over Jude's body & hair & leave it on for a while so the smell with fill the bathroom & I really do feel like it makes Jude all sleepy & sleep a little better! You can also use it as a bubble bath! I use it myself sometimes if mines all run out & I love it! They need to make it in a massive size!! This is £8.50 which I think is very reasonable as a little drop goes a loooong way!!! 

• Eucalyptus Essential Oil - this is organic & pure. No other nasties in it! Smells lovely! I have used this sooo much! In Jude's baths when he's got a blocked nose & in his humidifier in his room when he's all stuffy & it really does help him breathe! Me & josh use it as well when one of us has a stuffy nose. We alps drop some in the bath & our humidifier! This is £5.20 which is a really good price I think! 

Also Neal's Yard also have a therapy room in some of their branches & they do lots of treatments using all their products which sounds luxurious to me! They also do baby massage! Im going to try this with them & many more treatments! 

Thank you for reading if you managed it all this way, well done!! Haha! 

Hope this helped some mama's out there looking for great, natural & organic products for your precious babies skin!! 



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